Saturday, April 5, 2014

Week 5 of Training: COMSEC and Crypto

Great example of a crypto device that nobody uses anymore.
This week my quarter-of-the-class group was reunited with another quarter. So with twice the people we learned the magical arts of Communication Security (COMSEC) and Crypto(logy). The course is listed in the Foreign Service Institute (FSI) Catalog as:

"...a basic overview of Communications Security, proper handling, accounting and destruction of COMSEC material using the CARDS system. Emergency Destruction procedures, audits and the proper operation of various types of cryptographic equipment are also covered."

That pretty much sums up the class. It was relatively enjoyable, considering the material. Like all security related training, it was both vitally important and extremely dry. Apparently this job generally falls to the new hires at post, so we all have that to look forward to. On the plus side, we got to take a field trip... so I'll call it a win!
Colossus, used to break the Enigma.
PS: If you're ever in and around the Washington DC area and are interested in cryptology, you should check out the National Cryptological Museum!

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