Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Our Housing Assignment is in!

It's official, we've been assigned a place to live in Chennai! Huzzah! It came with good and bad news. The good news is we're centrally located; have more bedrooms, bathrooms, and square footage than we've ever had before; and our apartment is currently being renovated! The bad news is, it won't be finished until a few weeks after we arrive... oh yeah, and even more egregious... there are currently no pictures. I guess we'll live, but it is always cool to scope out a place before you arrive! Anyway, after a bit of confusion (eventually cleared up by the General Services Office (GSO) employee that sent us the assignment), we were able to find the place on Google maps and voyeur it up (from a pretty low resolution) using Satellite view and "explore the area." There are a handful of restaurants and whatnot within easy walking distance (our first priority on the housing survey), so I was able to check out some of the local eateries (with websites). We were never really nervous about our housing, but it's nice to check that pre-departure box. Also, I am very excited to be 10-15 minutes from work, especially after the past few months of mind-shattering commuting.

I guess on a similar note, we have also scheduled the pack-out from our house. The government provides me with 10 days in a hotel prior to departure, and our pack-out actually falls on the first day of that time. That works out nicely, since it will allow us to pack up everything without having to worry about where we'll sleep. Now if we can just get everything organized for when the packers arrive...

Disclaimer: The picture is not an accurate portrayal of our future abode...

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