Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Downside to Drivers

Just a quick rant about drivers here. We definitely need a driver for our time in Chennai. I'm sure I could learn to deal with the hectic traffic, but it'd be tough for me to drive to work and then return the car to our house for my wife to use during the day without a driver. So, we're in the middle of auditioning people to fill the position and we've noticed something... They all want insanely high pay (in relation to local rates). I'm no stranger to trying to get more money at an interview, but I'm getting tired of people asking for 20% more than the highest paid driver working for the consulate or 40% more than the mode (according to the CLO's survey 4 months ago). Heck, we talked to one guy who said he'd finished a full year with his last job and therefore deserved a 15% raise... and then another 15% raise after 1 year. Before you think I'm too cruel, I should point out that most of the drivers working for Americans at the consulate already make 100% more than their counterparts working for other companies or consulates. Part of the problem may be my poor negotiating skills, but I do have excellent "well I just won't hire you" skills. Oh well, the search continues!

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