Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Internet Around the World

Jeff over at RambleOn was recently talking about how he got some obscene (160mb/s) internet plan essentially for free (I forget exactly, but something around $40/month) in Sweden. I just want to set the record straight that that is not our experience in India. The internet companies here are insane. Specifically the qualitiy of service for similarly priced service plans makes no sense. Without further ado, here are two of the options:

Just for the record, I currently have a plan with the top company. I'm obviously going to attempt to switch carriers, since the other one offers lower prices, significantly faster speeds, AND higher data limits. I just don't understand why anyone (other than people like me who didn't know any better) would go with the top carrier. I'm so confused. The other odd thing, is that all the plans appear to have abysmal upload rates. I really notice this when I'm uploading pictures for the blog (or to my online backup). I haven't seen a plan with upload speeds higher than 1mb/s (in the US we got 5mb/s with the worst plans) and in practice they're closer to .5 mb/s.

Either way, I guess I should be thanking my good forture that ours is still relatively cheap. Here's a sampling of speeds and prices from some of my other new hires.

Moscow: $200/month for 20mb/s
Zimbabwe: $150/month for 10mb/s
Senegal: $100/month for 10mb/s (theoretically, but it's rarely reaches above 1mb/s)

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