Monday, February 16, 2015

Mowing the Lawn, India Edition

When I owned a house (which I no longer do!), I was known to complain about mowing the lawn. I'd go embarrassingly long without mowing it and then rely on the lawn mower (and patience) to chew through practically shoulder height grass. In India... there are plenty of people to fill landscaping jobs; however, some of these people have better employers than others. This first guy was 'mowing' a football field sized lot outside a hotel in New Delhi.

Yes... he's cutting the grass with hedge clippers. He took fairly frequent breaks to text on his phone... but STILL. Once he completed that patch of grass, he hand carried away the clippings as well. 

This next picture is a much luckier gardener, who was using a push mower at Agra Fort. It was a two person job (the other person is not in the picture, but would use a stick to empty the clippings bucket). In this case, they were both tickled pink by my son's incredible interest in what they were doing. They even helped him jump the fence onto the the grass so he could help. (Have I ever mentioned how much people in India love children?)

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  1. I have told others about this guy. I have gotten questioning looks.