Friday, November 6, 2015

Fame and Fortune

It was bound to happen. A handful of people here at post have mentioned my blog to me, but all of them knew me... before they found my blog. For the first time, I met someone who knew me, because of my blog. I was very flattered to be recognized by Ken (pictured), and generally happy to meet him. I'm glad my blog has helped untangle some of the mystery behind becoming an IMS. 

I guess I can check off the "fame" part of "fame and fortune." Unfortunately (for me), the most likely people to read my blog are those who are joining after me. So I have a job for you all. Get promoted quickly, so I can leverage your knowing of me into sweet jobs, AKA "fortune!"

Yeah. Probably not. Anyway, Ken mentioned someone in his cohort was having a hard time. I want to give a shout-out to Tom. Keep in mind you're at a low point on the Menninger Curve and, in some ways, it's best to have your hardest tour first. Not only does it set easily surpass-able expectations for future posts, but it's the only time where "equity" matters for bidding. People posted in the harder posts from my cohort went to places like Sydney, Prague, and London. Also, if I heard the situation correctly, I imagine you have a heartfelt thanks from everyone else in your cohort. Keep up the good work; before you know it, you'll be staring your departure in the face and (hopefully) wondering where the time went.