Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Each month during transfer season, the Consulate has a ceremony to welcome new employees (or arrivals) and say farewell to those departing (the job, or post). I was farewell'd today. Below is my (approximate) farewell speech.

"I’m not much for formality or for public speaking, so I’ll be brief… and probably sappy. In many ways, I feel like I’ve barely gotten a chance to know Chennai, but it’s already time to leave. Although I’ve been here nearly two years, it still seems like yesterday that I was ordering dosas by pointing at other people’s plates and running downstairs to see my first middle-of-the-night parade. My son recently told our nanny that we’re leaving to go to Argentina, but that he’ll come back to visit her soon. That’s a pretty bold promise mfor a three year old, but honestly, I hope he’s right. Over the last two years, Chennai has become our home and it’s never easy to leave home.

On a happier note, I’d like thank everyone here, especially those in my section, for being so welcoming during my tour. I know it’s hard to have new officers cycling through every two years, especially when many of you have been doing this for decades. However, you tolerated my newness and naiveté with good nature and what I can only hope was just the occasional laughter. Before arriving to post, someone at FSI told me that the people in Chennai are exceptional, and I complete agree. I will miss working with you all and can only hope my future colleagues are as capable and as friendly. Thank you for a wonderful first tour and I hope to see you again."

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