Sunday, April 22, 2018

Testing Our Resilience

Yesterday I said goodbye to one of my two best friends in Argentina. I was very fortunate to make some local friends very early in my tour. It... is very hard to leave your life to move half way around the world and start over. I guess it's a mixed blessing, because it also means that I've enjoyed my time in Buenos Aires, because I'm sad it is ending. Sad being the operative word. It is going to be a rough summer.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Pack Out Panic

Good news! Pack out is completed. Technically that means our "pack out panic" is over. It actually went fairly smoothly, since we've spent the last month organizing stuff and the last two years selling/donating/giving away stuff.

It's kind of impressive how few boxes your entire life fits into (and how quickly it can be packed up by 2-3 movers!)

Unpacking our welcome kit.

Pro Tip! Stick all your "not getting packed" stuff into a clearly marked off area. We chose a bathroom.

There's no way this is all going to fit in our luggage.

Pro-er Tip! Attempt packing your suitcases BEFORE pack out. We did not... I sure hope all that stuff fits in our suitcases!