Wednesday, March 6, 2013

And so it begins…

My application for the Foreign Service Specialist Information Management position has been submitted. Even though this is just the beginning of the application (and hopefully hiring) process, it still seems like an epoch of sorts. After years of yearning to live and work abroad, I feel like I’ve finally put a foot in the right direction. It’s definitely one thing to talk about possibly working overseas in the future and quite another to hit submit on your application. Having reached the end of the restless waiting for an IMS req to open, and the mind numbing writing and rewriting of application essays; I can’t help but be excited. Of course that excitement will shortly be tested… by the possibility of months of waiting to hear back.

I decided to start this blog, in the off chance someone ever reads it, to let future candidates know how the application process goes. I suppose it will also, if I am eventually accepted into the Foreign Service, serve as a place to post my experiences as an Information Management Specialist. On the flip side, if I’m not accepted, I’ll probably take down the site and never speak of it again! I know this isn’t exactly an original idea, but I enjoyed reading Milestones and IM-worldwide, so here’s to paying it forward.

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  1. Hey, just stumbled upon your website. I'm a Navy IT officer about to retire and looking to return back overseas. I'm trying to find some gouge on the IT test, but can't find anything. Any chance you can provide some scope? Thanks! Gabe