Monday, March 17, 2014

First Contact

Oh, different kind of first contact.
Aren't I the popular one? Less than two days after receiving my TM ONE (the official notification to me and my future post that I will be going there), I received an e-mail from the current head of Information Management (IM) at Chennai. She sent me a delightful e-mail welcoming me to "Incredible India."

A couple days later, the fun began with a bunch of e-mails from the Community Liaison Officer (CLO). It continued when I learned that shortly after arriving at post, both of the currently-filled IMS positions will be vacated, leaving me as the sole IM officer until my new boss arrives a month later. In fact, the timing is so tight, management at post is trying everything in their power to rearrange my training schedule so I can arrive two weeks earlier! Well, while the higher ups work on that, time for me to work on the the housing and social surveys the CLO sent me. My excitement is building by the day!

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