Saturday, June 28, 2014

Two Years in India, Day 1

I’ll be honest, our first day in Chennai did not live up to my pre-arrival expectations for myself. I really understand why our sponsors make sure to stock our kitchens with a couple days’ worth of food. Back in the States, I’d had high hopes that I’d immediately venture out for breakfast or lunch, like I have every time I've traveled overseas. However, we didn't quite make it that far. Between the two-ish hours of sleep and the end of all our travel-related-stress, we were pretty content to hang out in our apartment to unwind a bit. We ended up making breakfast and taking a 3 hour nap (awful for getting over our jet lag, but we couldn't help it!) for lunch.

We were just thinking it was time to go out for a walk (and by we, I mean my wife and I, my son spent the entire day pointing at the front door and every balcony door and saying, “Outside?”) when we noticed that it was much darker outside than it had been all day. Over the next 30 minutes the sky darkened even more and then unleashed a huge amount of rain. I’m from south Florida, so I’m no stranger to downpours, but this was even heavier than I’m used to there! I was later told that it was probably the first rain of the monsoon season, which should indicate the end of the hottest part of summer.

A little while later, our sponsor swung by to check on us. Coincidentally, our upstairs neighbor stopped by at the same time to introduce himself. We were going to go out for dinner, but my son was sleeping in my wife’s lap, so we ended up just going out for takeout. It was early for dinner by India standards (around 5:30), so we went to one of the only places they knew was open, a pizza place named Ox and Tomato.

Guess it’s time to try to beat the jet lag. Wish us luck!

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  1. I am from South Florida as well and I can understand how you felt on Day 1 in your blog above. Now you are in India, and I am curious about how your life has been since Day 1? Things like language barrier, weather, traffic, neighbors, 911 emergency Police/Medical/Fire Rescue services, etc? Necessities such as Comcast/Aldephia cable TV, DirecTV, Dish Network, Internet service, ATT/Verizon/PCS phone service, shopping, etc? I know everything is different but it's really worth experiencing them all, and that's what Foreign Service is really all about. Good luck with everything. Thanks a lot.