Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Our House

Welcome to a special "Foreign Service" edition of House Hunters International. In this episode, I was given one choice of places to live and after careful consideration, I picked it! On a more serious note, we filled out our housing survey a few months ago, a month ago received a text description of our house, but we were thrilled to finally see where we'd be spending the next two years. 

Our apartment is on the 2nd floor (that's the third floor for you folks back in the USA) and takes up the entire floor of the building. We're in a corner building on moderately busy streets. There is a decent amount of street noise (mostly polite honking, since people honk here instead of using blinkers... or brakes), but it is not very loud in the two bedrooms we're using. 

There are 4 bedrooms, 4 full bathrooms, 1 eastern style bathroom, two living rooms, a dining room, kitchen, pantry, and 5 small balconies in our apartment. It (in theory) takes 7 air conditioners to cool the entire house, but we generally only use 2 or 3 at a time. We also have 3 dehumidifiers that are running constantly to minimize the insane amounts of humidity in the air (we're trying to avoid getting mold in our less frequently used rooms). Every room has marble or tile floors and extra high ceilings.

The GSO-provided furniture is fantastic, much nicer than our previous furniture. We were also provided with a welcome kit which provides us with everything we need until our effects arrive. 

Enough talk already, here are the pictures!

Main Living Room
Auxillary Living Room
Dining Room
Dining Room's Balcony
Front Door + Fancy Bug Zapper
Guest Bedroom
Guest Balcony
Guest Bathroom
My Son's Room
Master Bedroom
Insane Amount of Storage
(that top cabinet goes back like 2 meters)
Master Bath
Fourth Bedroom / Office / Trampoline Room?
Fourth Bedroom's Balcony
Pantry, Giant Extra Freezer, Laundry
Eastern Bathroom

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