Saturday, September 13, 2014

Two Years in India, Week 11: Consultations in Delhi

This is a little late in coming, but better late than never!

This week started with pretty standard work days. The IPO and I are still in the process of making our spaces look presentable. I'm told this is an endemic problem for IRM. Since we're the only people allowed in our area, there's never any pressure to clean up messes. Maybe that'll be my future selling point for bidding: "Do you have a messy PCC? I'll clean the heck out of it!" Anyway, I finished cleaning up our secure mailroom this week, which was met with "Oh, wow!" by the management officer when she happened to see it. Here's hoping for the same response when I finish with the (currently a disaster zone) storage room.

On a more interesting note, I spent Thursday and Friday in New Delhi. I flew up to meet my counterparts there (and one from Mumbai). It was great to see the different facilities, both for work and living. The Embassy is pretty nice and the housing compound is awesome, but I think I'm happier in Chennai. Aside from the extra stress of working in an embassy, the facilities are surrounded by the "diplomatic quarter" of Delhi, so it barely feels like India. There's something to be said for stepping outside my door and being on the streets of Chennai.

Side note: I am yet again struck with the realization that "making friends" in the Foreign Service is tough. I really enjoyed hanging out with my fellow first tour IMS from Mumbai and her boyfriend, but alas, the chances of us ever working together are pretty slim. Of course, if I keep making new friends, I'm bound to have a tour coincide with them eventually, right!?

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