Thursday, March 17, 2016

Trip Report Amritsar

Although not technically part of the "Golden Triangle," we heard Amritsar was well worth visiting. February was a beautiful time of year to go, the weather was delightful (though it did rain one of the days). We started off by seeing the Golden Temple. We'd heard that it was a more impressive sight than even the Taj Mahal (though...obviously less famous). Honestly, we did enjoy it more. The surrounding plaza is beautiful and the kitchen serves over 100,000 free meals daily and is staffed by volunteers. Just seeing the scale of the operation was stunning.

Roti maker
Looks like my kitchen!

Later in the day we headed to the the Pakistani border to view the Wagah Retreat Ceremony. This ceremony is a deafening pep rally, which consists mostly of cheering, singing, and rigidly formal marching, as the border crossing is closed each night. It was quite the sight, but bring ear plugs!

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