Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Blog Fading

I have to apologize for the absence of my blog postings... I don't have any particularly great excuse, except to say it's been a busy few months. Between moving to Argentina, having a new baby, and an 'aggressive' leave schedule among my coworkers... I guess I just haven't gotten around to writing. Anyway, I'll try to catch up again... this year. My wife has continually suggested that I just write some shorter posts, to get the juices moving again, but we'll see, I'm never really a fan of too-short-posts.

PS: I guess I'm a real Foreign Service Officer now; I have to constantly fight the urge to capitalize the 'p' in 'post.'

PPS: I found the keyboard at work... It uh... is old..... and funky. F18? No CTRL key? Who knows.